Thursday, July 24, 2008

Social Nodes Defined

Social Node: A micro-economy of brains organized by advanced social software networked in a single place (virtual, Physical or conglomerate), playing by the same game rules with a collective goal in mind. Social nodes are seen as a natural outgrowth of natural human economic systems catalyzed by rapidly advancing technology, information and knowledge. Individuals typically belong to many social nodes, though some impose more or less serious restrictions on the behavior and networking of their constituents.

As the pace of
change accelerated, the world grew flat, America relinquished sovereignty, and people across the globe collectively climbed the hierarchy of needs, Nodes gradually emerged and then exploded. An outgrowth of previously informal, non-cognizant, or semi-cognizant affiliation pockets, people grew more deliberate about the their Nodes as they were quantified.

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Alvis Brigis is a media specialist and futurist residing in California. Most recently, he was Story Producer on History Channel’s Invention USA and Executive Producer for The Future of Facebook, the first Open Foresight project to be funded and released to the public. He’s produced and written for TV networks including NBC, VH1, THC and Sundance Channel. Brigis co-founded Future Scanner (a prediction harvesting tool), Swarmado (a mobile content-sharing app for events) and has developed a variety of forward-looking startups. He serves on the advisory board of Acceleration Studies Foundation and blogs about the social side of accelerating change at Social Node. He’s also an avid sci-fi, comedy and quest adventure writer.