Thursday, June 11, 2009

And the Largest Social Media Site on Earth is... China's QQ - Not Facebook

Here's an interesting tidbit for ya.  According to recent Alexa and Google Trends stats compiled by web marketer Vincenzo Cosenza, China's QQ site (this must be how the rest of the non-english speaking world views Facebook and Myspace) reigns supreme as the most trafficked social networking site on the planet, boasting 300+ million monthly unique users (that's nearly as many as this blog).  The knowledge serves as an important reminder that the rest of the world is just as interested in the web and that competition, cooperation and disruption will increasingly come from different directions, especially as human resources and markets are equalized in the coming years.  

Wildcards: Look to shifts in currency value, robust real-time translation tools and emerging micro-credit and service/good-barter markets to even out the international value of prosumers.